Obviously Not.

NO company is gonna get a lawyer which cost a few thousand dollars just to get your ass for a few bucks.

You contact me firstly and tell me what site you are interested in. Lets take Amazon for example. You buy the item (check with me first) Tell me once it arrives and I will refund it.

If you dont have a drop Fake bank etc you cant use fake infos since all sites verify your infos like crazy Just use your real infos

My minimum fee is 45€/50$

This means you never pay me BELOW 45€/50$ But you can/will pay ABOVE 45€/50$. Certain stores have a minimum of $200 though.

Amazon.de is 75€ minimum.

You've probably heard of certain stores being done through PayPal, like Rolex watches for example.

This method is very simple, the only requirment is that you checkout with PayPal on the store, have a fully verified paypal account aswell, else it míght get banned.

Yes. We can do all stores as long as they accept PayPal, and it's a physical item.

Well, this part is fairly interessting. There's only been one case that I'm aware where PayPal has actually re-billed the person/persons. Which was back in 2018, when people we're doing Nvidia. (We don't use the same method) You won't be rebilled, don't worry about it.

Be realistic, PayPal's service is very special, If they feel like you're doing fraud they will terminate your account, do 1 claim every 3 months. And a bunch of legit orders in between.

It means we do not refund EVERY item that you ordered. Ask me how many cheap and expensive items are allowed (every shop different).

Partial is almost only for CLOTHING shops.

From 12-30% Its different for every shop You can see the % on my thread, store list.

Don't worry, If it turns out to be a failure, like me. You can send the item back, get a refund the normal way.

Every shop has a different success rate, Take a look on my thread and see which shop has a flame near them (high success rate).

We accept PayPal & Bitcoin.

Some stores can take up to 1 month, PayPal claims takes around 14 days.

For some stores, you need to write a fake signature. (We'll discuss this when you're planning to order). To be honest, I always recommend fake signing. Just for safety.

Partial refunds YES But for example Amazon, Bestbuy and newegg dont work once they are delivered to post offices which means it can not be refunded anymore.

If its amazon its safer to refund only one. If its clothes it should be fine

If its amazon its safer to refund only one If its clothes it should be fine.

No site does it and it never happened The warning on amazon is just to scare you Go to my thread and look at the vouches. I refund Iphones etc daily and nothing ever happened.

YES. But as example, Walmart does not like refunding consoles/electronics etc..

Below 500 eur it can take a few days (if your acc is trusted) the average is 2-3 weeks

Yup this method is very special, Just do a lot of legit orders, price doesnt matter the amount of orders does.

Nope you dont, you can deliver to an amazon locker or post office, it doesnt matter.

If your acc is good (no refunds and a lot of orders) You can go higher with the limit.

New accounts the limit is like 500€.